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   Welcome to the portal. From here you may visit the many websites created and maintained by NGSilver & Friends Productions. We house a great variety of websites from web logs, art sites, AMV creator pages, forum compilations, computer tech sites, and our newest addition, Silverwing Production's convention reports.

   Take a look around and enjoy yourself. We're constantly updating and adding new content to the website so check back from time to time to see if anything more has been added.

    ngsilver's Twitter - It was finally time to say goodbye to facebook for random posting and comments and move on to the supperior application. So come follow me and perhaps you may learn something.

    NGSilver's AMV Distro - Here's where you can go to download AMV's done by NGSilver! Presenting an alternative to downloading from, in case people don't have an account there. You can also stream all of the videos live in your browser before you download, something even Youtube doesn't have!

    Nat-chan's Devart - So now I have a devart account. This is where you can go to find all creations of my own (minus AMVs, there's another place for that). My poetry, Stories, Sketches, Drawings, and all other kinds of stuff.

    Nat-chan's World View - My Blog. Everyone has one at this point, and well, I've had one for quite some time. I have it less for emo ranting as much as I have it just for random rants that I need to get out of my system. When I can't write a story, I go here.

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